Two years in pictures

So, I’ve posted a lot of pictures on this site, but I figured now that I’m back I ought to recap what I’ve seen and done over the past two years. Here, then, are 99 of my favorite pictures from Japan and beyond. Some you will have seen and some are being posted here for the first time. I had planned to sort them according to date, but that proved difficult, so I’m just going to post them and be done with it. Enjoy.

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Nowhere to go, nowhere to be

(This post was originally written on Saturday, August 13th)

As promised, here’s a little tour of Kazusa in pictures. I’ll keep the prose to a minimum.

Did I save the best for last or what?

Ever find yourself sitting at work wishing you were on a beach? Ass in the sand, feet in the surf, cold drink in your hand? Well, the end of that gallery was all Maehama Beach, Kazusa’s number one attraction. Those photos are captionless because why bother trying? Maehama is a 12 minute walk from my apartment and the reason I had to throw it to Kenny Chesney for the title of this post. I’ve only been here a week, so it’s tongue in cheek to say I have a ritual, but I try to make it down to Maehama for the sunset every night if possible. This is the best beach I’ve ever been to, with apologies to Clearwater, FL. Warm water, soft sand, amazing scenery, never crowded, and as a kicker, no open container laws. I found a neighborhood grocery store that sells beer right on my way to the beach, so it’s safe to say, I won’t be kicking off the weekend with Melon Cream sodas much anymore. Plus, on Friday nights, you can count on the local kids to put on a pretty decent fireworks show. It’s amateur stuff—nothing that would get an aficionado like Billy McPoyle hot and bothered—but I’m not complaining.

For reference, of the four I’ve seen so far, this sunset was probably the third-best. We’ll see if Maehama can raise the bar again tonight.