Get whet

It’s true, I try to lead an interesting and somewhat hedonistic lifestyle. But I do this, not for my own personal gratification, but out of a sense of loyalty to you, my reader. See, I think you deserve better than the occasional soporific account of my day-to-day tedium. I’m quite certain you’ve got enough tedium in your life as it is, without having to dip into my reserves to get your fill. (Although if you are in need of excess tedium, there are a half-dozen abortive posts about the hazards of ironing dress pants up on my auxiliary blog,

No, the gaijin lives a life of intrigue because his disciples demand posts worthy of their sophistication and distinguished breeding. But therein lies a problem: occasionally, I’m so busy trying to live a life worth reading about that I don’t have time to write about it. That was the case this weekend, when I was out of town for two days and spent all day Sunday at an elementary school sports festival. And, while I am eager to catch you up on all things gaijin, I just haven’t had the time to do a post justice yet. That’s why you’re getting this half-baked nonsense instead.

But fear not, because in the next day or two, I promise there will be food on the table.